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Several stories mark the Bodhidharma’s origins from India thus also propose that he was well versed in the Yoga and other Martial art forms from India. Albeit because of several recorded similarities. On entering the monastery seeing that mundane chores would make monks so tired that attaining adequate meditative state was impossible. They are said to have been very unhealthy individuals. Because also of the nature of concentration on the spiritual path to enlightenment, ignoring the needs of the body. As a result, Bodhidharma decided to teach them basic forms and modes of exercise which he had devised in his 9 years’ meditation. These form the basis of the Shaolin – “HEART – MIND - FIST” and also apparently trhe basic for all martial art forms all over the world. The irony as well as the beauty being, that coming from Bodhidharma, its ultimate goal was Non-violence, and to reach the Buddha Essence. The teachings of Bodhidharma thus give vast knowledge of the functions of the Human Body. The best position to be sitting in to reach meditative states, which points to press to cure certain ailments (eg: Acupunctre), the death touch or the Dim – Mak... This list too does go on. 


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